Terms of Use

Advertiser Terms & Conditions

The following are not allowed on advertisements displayed on our network:

  1.     Popups / Popunders or any windows automatically.
  2.     Malware, spyware, exploits, viruses or any malicious code changes the visitor's computer in any way.
  3.     Adult content or adult themed website, this is at the discretion of ShortLink.
  4.     Any form of frame breaking scripts - our application header must remain intact.
  5.     Anything related to illegal activity.
  6.     We reserve the right to decline any advertisement on ShortLink, without a full refund.

If any Advertiser is found or reported breaking any of the rules above or below in the detailed Terms and Conditions, their account will be removed and all advertising stopped.

Publisher Terms & Conditions

ShortLink publishers may not have invalid or fraudulent clicks, including but not limited to clicks generated by:

  1.     Do not place ShortLink URLs on any form of traffic exchange / PTC / faucets / auto-surf website / click ring.
  2.     Generating impressions using bots, proxies, auto-refreshes, self-clicking or other surreptitious methods.
  3.     Obtaining impressions by paying directly or indirectly other people for link visits.
  4.     Serving intermission ads in popups.
  5.     Do not send users to our short URLs unwillingly outside of the Auto Overlay Script.
  6.     Do not send popup / popunder / exit pop / interstitial traffic to short URLs.
  7.     Disabling the Site's anti-frame system to display your links in an iframe.
  8.     Hacking other websites illegally to display or your links.
  9.     Embedding your links in malware or programs without user consent.
  10.     Distributing illegal content or child pornography or any website URLs that contain adult material.
  11.     Unwelcome spamming of other sites without permission using your links.
  12.     Do not spoof referrers, send blank referrers, or falsify referrers. All traffic sources must be verifiable through referrers.

ShortLink reserves the right to automatically put your account on a limited functionality status if your account performance is very poor. Limited account status means the user can no longer generate revenue or withdrawal earnings from the site. Poor performance is usually the result of fraudulent clicks.

By using the service, you are fully responsible for all the activities that occur under your account. ShortLink.LK will not be liable for any acts or omissions by you. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and in case of unauthorized use of your account, you must immediately notify ShortLink. ShortLink assumes no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, misdelivery or failure to store any user communications or personalization settings.